How Do You Want to Look When You Are Old?

Iggy Pop is gong to be 70 years old soon, but he still keeps his shirt off during a performance. Guess he needs to still appear as a rock star. Nominated for a Grammy this year, Iggy got me thinking; Would I keep my shirt off if I looked like that at 70?

I have found that age is relative. When you hit 40 kids think you are old, while parents think you are middle-aged, and the elderly think you are a spring chicken. Nonetheless, you know when you are aging – it’s harder to get out of bed, sex is less important, and clothes don’t fit anymore.

But there is a flip side; How do you want to appear to others when you are finally feeling older? Some men freak out, grow their gray hair into a ponytail while bald on top (called a Mozart), while others constantly dress as if they are always golfing, fishing, or visiting Hawaii.

But to me, the best way is to be dignified and accepting of your age. Women who use plastic surgery in an attempt to retain youth always fail, in my opinion. You can always tell they have had the surgery and not it reflects their mental attitude rather than their physical appearance. Although, I will admit the Dolly Pardon has a fantastic plastic surgeon because – damn – he nailed it well.

Personally, I love those commercials about ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’ showing off a dignified man of leisure. They got it right; use your experience to be the best you can and age never plays a part in others opinion of you. He is just admirable.

One thing all of us will face with age is becoming obsolete and invisible. The opposite sex no longer see us as datable, you start to be referred to as ‘Mam’ or ‘Sir’ and peeps start assuming you have kids. It all means, in a Darwinian sense at least, I’m over.

The psychologist Erik Erikson suggests that there are many ways to express what he calls “generativity“—the need to produce something that contributes to the betterment of society, which not only helps others but makes us feel more content as we get older.

So embrace your age, make yourself interesting using your experience, and act dignified! That’s what I say – Pops!


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