Quit Your Job Now! 5 Reasons You are a Great Matchmaker

Matchmaking is a growing business where money is waiting to be made. If you have a keen eye for people’s behavior and interests, you may be able to pair them up with the love of their life, truly helping them become happier. If your idea of a perfect job involves an intense amount of time chatting about dating, this could be the career for you.

In order to be a matchmaker, to be any good at it, and to make money, you’ve gotta have friends up the wazoo. Friends upon friends upon friends, acquaintances, coworkers, family members, online connections, mentors, accomplices – your life is just brimming with people trying to get to know you better. And you’ve got to know them well enough that you can engage with them about their personal lives.

Ok, so you passed the first test. Now lets find out if you have the gusto. Here are five reasons you may be great at this job.

  1. You understand it all comes down to the laws of attraction.
    Some people call attraction, “swagger.” You may hear someone say, “He has a magnetic personality.” That’s another way of describing attraction. But if you feel that it all lands on what’s on the ‘inside,’ then quit now.
  2. You realize all people are in need of therapy. 
    It’s true. According to 60 Million People in the U.S. Negatively Affected By Someone Else’s Pathology, 1 in 5 Americans need mental help. And start with yourself – can you see the stains inside you? I know I do.
  3. You can match emotional stability with instability.
    A recent study showed that successful long-term relationships were found between one emotional stable person matched with another unstable person. In fact, researchers were surprised to find that a stable person together with another stable parson did not work most of the time.
  4. You don’t force your value on others.
    Everyone thinks they know best, and that’s natural. Nut when matchmaking it’s important not to force your values on the situation. By the time we are 35 years old our values will not change again until we are in our fifties. So trying to manipulate a dating couple will always fail.
  5. You are able to take rejection like the best of them.
    Matchmaking is heartbreaking. Not only for the couples, but for the matchmaker. There is nothing worse than investing a couple months in a relationship only to have it crumble before you. If it hurts too much, forget about this career.

Online dating sites are spending millions to develop that ‘secret sauce,’ but there isn’t a certain algorithm or formula that will find your perfect person. So what can you control? Look for someone who matches in values, who compliments each other’s personality, and that are attracted to each other physically. Above all; it takes a personal touch to really make a match.



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