Canned Wine is Gauche – But You Still Like It

According to Nielsen, canned wine sales are up 125 percent over the past year. That translates to about $14.5 million in sales annually. And it is the under 40 crowd driving the surge. Yet canned wine currently makes up less than one percent of the vino market.

Whole Foods has even declared 2016 the year of canned wine. Heather Wallberg, of Union Wine Co. tells USA Today, “We’ve tripled our production from where we started this year, and we still haven’t made enough. The rosé we can’t make enough of. It flies.”

Oenophiles say cans are practical and in some ways, even better than traditional bottles. Andrew Jones of Field Recordings winery in Paso Robles was one of the first winemakers to make the switch. Jones started putting wine in cans in 2013. Back then, it made up five percent of his business. Today, canned wine accounts for 40 percent.

So, why put wine in a can? “It’s real simple – simplicity,” says Jones. “Wine doesn’t have to be so ceremonial.”

Sommelier Whitney Adams says wine in a can is portable, affordable, single serving, and a hit with millennials. “I definitely think that’s where things are headed,” says Adams. “I think more and more, every month or two, a new wine comes out in a can. It’s here to stay for sure.”

Single cans retail for as low as $5. At our local grocery, it’s about 8 bucks. Four-packs and six-packs are available.

“You don’t have to buy it that day and drink it that night and canned wine actually ages better than bottles because there’s no light hitting the product so it keeps the product super fresh,” says Jones.

So go ahead and be gauche , there’s a variety that comes in a can to satisfy the palette of every wine lover. Here are some recommendations:

① Alloy Grenache Rosé ($11.00 for a 2L can; 4 packs available in stores)
With subtle notes of strawberry and rose, this one goes down almost too easy. According to the can’s tasting notes, there may also be hints of Sour Patch Kids. Don’t hate it.

② Alloy Pinot Noir ($30 for a pack of four 2L cans)
Slightly spicy with dark fruit notes, this Pinot in a can is also super drinkable.

③ Underwood Rosé ($28 for a pack of 375ml cans)
Strawberry, watermelon, peach: The tasting notes on this one scream summer, and that’s just when you’ll be drinking it. All. summer. long.

④ Underwood Pinot Noir ($28 for a pack of 375ml cans)
With cherry and chocolate notes, this might be the favorite canned red of them all.

⑤ Vrac Rosé ($27 for a 3L box)
Crisp, light and following the super-drinkable trend, this wine has gotten a lot of buzz, for good reason. It’s perfect for your picnic party—or any summer bash for that matter.

⑥ Black Box Sauvignon Blanc ($23.99 for a 3L box)
Crisp with hints of stone fruit, this box is a crowd-pleasing option for white wine drinkers.

⑦ French Rabbit Pinot Noir ($9.99 for a 1L box)
Earthy with red fruit notes, this Pinot makes for easy drinking and pairs well with grilled foods.

⑧ Vasca Grillo di Giovanna ($31.99 for a 3L box)
This bright, minerally Sicilian wine with grapefruit and pineapple notes is more sophisticated than what you might expect to find in a box. You’d better get used to it.







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