Why This SyFi Channel Show is the Scariest Thing on TV Today

If you enjoy American Horror Story as I do, I have one better. Channel One: Candle Cove is even more terrifying but without the blood and gore. The reason? It’s realistic.

Candle Cove centers on one man’s obsessive recollections of a mysterious children’s television program from the 1980s, and his ever-growing suspicions about the role it might have played in a series of nightmarish and deadly events from his childhood.

Adapted from an internet legend about terrifying TV Candle Cove explores a small town obsession with a show that never really existed. But you will have to watch it from episode one to get the whole story. Currently, Syfi is airing it at no cost.

Syfy couldn’t have timed the debut of its new show, Channel Zero, more perfectly. Brimming with Stephen King tropes and a bleak version of late-’80s nostalgia, the new horror anthology series is tailor-made for fans of Stranger Things clamoring for a new, darker fix.

And what is this sick creature made of?


It’s made of children’s teeth. If that’s not crazy enough, you actually start to appreciate the creature somewhat. That’s a testament to director Craig William MacneillMacneill is most known for his feature film debut The Boy, which premiered in the narrative competition at the 2015 SXSW Film Festival.

The “Candle Cove” storyline is one of many that Channel Zero ultimately intends to adapt from an abundant source of web-based horror stories known as creepypasta (pronounced alternatively as “creepy paste-uh” or “creepy pasta”). “Candle Cove” is one of the best-known creepypasta in existence, and one of the most adored by the genre’s many fans.

The original version, a short text story of childhood nostalgia that steadily grows more horrifying until the chilling finale, was written and posted by writer Kris Straub in 2009 — a novelty, since most creepypasta are anonymous — but it feels much older, as though it has always been with us.

The show airs Tuesdays 9/8c.













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