Where To Meet Your Next Long Term Lover

Looking for Mr. Right or Mrs. WhatEverYourLastNameIs? Then you have to hunt. Here is the lowdown on the best places to meet a long-termer, not a one nighter:

Through a friend

Meeting someone through a friend just makes sense, especially if you’re looking for something beyond a one-night stand. Let your friends know that you’re open to meeting people—if you don’t, many will assume you’re happily single—but don’t ask them to set you up on completely blind dates.

Digital Discovery

Meeting someone through an online dating site or app is similar to meeting someone through a friend—thanks to detailed online dating profiles, you have a chance to get to know people before you actually meet them. And swiping left in your underwear is much more convenient than getting dressed up and going out to a bar, so it’s no surprise that nearly one-third of marriages today start online.

Where Not To Intrude

You can meet someone just about anywhere, but there are a couple of places and situations where you shouldn’t try to hit on a hottie. Especially women. Barre class. A nail salon. Any place that’s traditionally filled with women might seem like the perfect place to, well, meet women. But women aren’t stupid, and they can see exactly what you’re trying to do.

Also, if they are working in any capacity—whether typing furiously on a laptop at Starbucks or taking your order at a restaurant—they  are not looking to get hit on. Be respectful – If they look busy—or even if just looks like they are trying to look busy— they don’t want to be bothered.

Good hunting!







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