Yes, There Are Rules When Ordering From A Food Truck

Food truck dining is not without rules. There is etiquette that needs to be followed. Know them before to avoid annoying the chefs, embarrassing yourself, and upsetting the other customers.

Be patient. Don’t demand that they hurry up with your order, and don’t shuffle around impatiently willing it to move more quickly. The food trucks have lots of orders, a small team, and limited space, so things are going to take time.

Don’t jump the line. If you have asked a friend to save you a spot in line, and then you show up with five other people, cutting straight to the front, you’ll be faced with a crowd of unfriendly faces, comments, and remarks.

Read the menu while you’re waiting. Make sure you’ve decided what you’re having before you get to the front. If you’re the person who spends five minutes trying to decide what to order when it’s your turn, everybody, including the owners, are going to lose patience with you.

Never try to order something that isn’t on the menu. Any complicated requests will only show your lack of understanding for what they’re doing.

Never go without cash. Lots of these small businesses don’t accept cards, and it’s often so much easier for them, for you, and for everyone else waiting in line, if you just pay with cash. Be generous with a cash tip, and you may even get a little edible extra in return.

Finally, remember to clear up after yourself. The people running the truck don’t have anyone clean up after you, so pick up your litter and throw it in the trash.

Now enjoy the meal!







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