~Morning Read~ 5 Steps To Improve Everything Around You

Pastels, Mints & Pearls posted a good article about five steps to passion, discipline and letting go of negativity. It’s a worthwhile read…

Read the original post here: 5 Steps to start Living a Positive & Happy Life

First Find a passion

Find something that brings you true joy. You know that passion for something that brings out the best in you. Something that will keep you busy and will set your soul on fire. For me it is being creative, being a sewer and crafter. And recently I found out that I love painting. I think if you love something you should do it. So do what you love.

Second Discipline yourself

Discipline  yourself. By this I mean. Stop saying “I’m starting tomorrow” or “ I will start on Monday” I still say I will start on Monday, sometimes it works out but it also doesn’t. But I have learned by not saying I will start next Monday. I actually got things done. Being discipline means doing things when you don’t feel like doing, but needs to be done. Make a mind map or put your ideas or goals down on paper. Write out every detail. Place it where you can see it, like on your computer desktop or a memo board. Start training your mind on being productive. Keep your eye on the task and focus on your goal. And I promise you will achieve everything you want.

Third Learn to let go

Let go of the things that you cannot control. You will never get to control them so why hold on to them. Let go of people who put you into certain situations, where you have to question yourself. Let go of people, who constantly put you down even if it was a friend that you knew for years. People who only bring you pain instead of joy. They are not worth your time. Your time is precious and you need to spend it doing things you love and with  people you love. In bad times we get to know who people truly are. Those are the times that teaches us lessons, valuable lessons. Worrying about people and things that have happened in the past, or things that might even happen in the future is a 100 % waste of your time and energy.

Fourth  See the good in every situation

I think this one is especially important in any kind of relationships during stressful times in your life. Don’t make assumptions about people, try not to judge. As hard as it is. Try  your best to be open-minded and not judging. Let go of the negativity, the drama. When you think about the people in your life, concentrate on their best qualities. Focus on the things you can learn from them. Also in certain situations. When you chose to see the good in everything and everyone, you will see how much there is to be thankful for. Remember’’ when life gives you lemons, grab tequila and salt”.

Fifth Realize that happiness is a choice

This might be difficult to realize at first. The way your thinking patterns play a huge role in this. A lot of the circumstances in your life might be beyond your control, but you can control how you respond to them. You can spend your life complaining about things or you can choose to feel grateful, inspired and passionate about  your life. All you need to do is change your mindset and attitude. Take responsibility for your own life, instead of letting things just happen. Be open-minded. Things won’t always go they way you want. But remember, even if your goal is so small you will achieve it if you just  change your mindset. By simply using the 4 other tools that I discussed in this article. And you will see that it works.





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