This New Lamp is Disgusting

A new LED pendant lamp from Dutch designer Teresa van Dongen is gross. That’s because instead of sourcing its power from electricity, sunlight, or salt water, the Spark of Life light runs on electrochemically active bacteria.

The stark lamp design consists of four compartments each containing microscopic organisms. An electrode inside the lamp harnesses the faint electrical charges emitted by the life-forms. These currents are then transmitted to LEDs in the light’s core where they provide the lamp with continuous power.

The Spark of Life lamp isn’t completely self-sustaining—the bacteria need to be fed with a teaspoon of acetate every two weeks or so. Van Dongen also recommends replenishing the lamp with fresh tap water, salt, and vitamins once every few months. Cleaning the apparatus doesn’t harm the bacteria, as they will remain safe and sound in the electrode until the lamp is reassembled.

So now I want one.


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