Sex and Yoga – Yes Please

The fact that yoga involves physical, mental, and spiritual practices or discipline, means that it improves the general health of the body. Since ancient times yoga has been used to improve the sexual health of individuals. This is because sex is also one of the definitive mind and body practices.

Yoga is not only important for meditation which is a great stress reliever, but there are certain postures that can increase the flexibility of the body, the exercise also opens one’s heart which increases the blood flow of the body. These are some of the requirements for better sexual health.

Flexibility and strength are key when it comes to better sexual health and that is why yoga is important – it combats the stiffness of the hips, hamstrings, and shoulders. There are some yoga poses that improve sexual health due to stretches that are focused on the hips and the spine.

Yoga is about mindfulness and meant to bring about the unity of the soul, body, and mind. Yoga that has been proven to improve sexual health  – especially when you practice with your partner. Yoga releases stress and allows you to be comfortable with being intimate and enjoy being touched.

You don’t have to depend on pills to improve your performance between the sheet, all you need is some yoga!






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