Being Single Sucks: How To Deal With Three Difficult Times

Being single sucks, but it’s really awkward in certain social situations or when you are moping around the net. Here are some of the worst times and how to handle them…

How to handle holidays…

Instead of saying, “I’ve spent the past three weekends watching NetFlix,” try something like, “I’ve been spending a lot of time with this guy, Seth.” Instead of, “I haven’t left my house in a month, save for a trip to the corner store that sells Flamin’ Hot Cheetos,” say, “I’ve been exploring eating local.”

When you’re alone at a wedding…

Being at a wedding when you’re single isn’t exactly a proud moment, but being a cast member is a whole another ball game. First off, you have to come to terms with the fact that there will be other single women at the wedding too…hit the open bar and enjoy!

When everyone else is having great relationship luck on Facebook…

Pour yourself a nice big mimosa, throw some reruns on the TV, and Instagram yourself sprawled out on the couch, enjoying a quiet afternoon all to yourself. Everyone in a miserable relationship will ‘like’ the post – believe me.

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