~Morning Read~ Three Rules to Improve Your Emotional Health Today

Follow these three rules to improve your personality, attitude and demeanor for the entire day…

1. Try not to complain today.

You can complain, or you can solve the problem. Complaining to friends, family, and co-workers keep the problem alive which prevents a solution. Complaining also implies that you have no power over your situation, and shows that you lack power over your yourself.

2. Realize that only you are in charge of your feelings.

Telling yourself that your boss makes you feel bad, angry or minuscule, proves they have power over how you feel. In reality, it’s up to you to manage your emotions, regardless of others. You have the power over your emotions – not others.

3. Forgive someone today.

Grudges against peeps who hurt you create no value for your well-being. Forgiving someone is the best way to take back your power. Forgiveness isn’t about pardoning the act they committed, it’s about choosing to let go of the hurt that hinders your ability to enjoy life.

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Read more about retaining your power…⊕


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