Use Yoga to Make Yourself Better in Bed

Therapists often recommend breathing and relaxation techniques for patients of stress related disorders as well as depression. The technique of focused breath and relaxation techniques have proven to maintain level moods and increased energy. And the best breathing and relaxation techniques are found in Yoga, hands down.

But what most don’t know is how much it improves sexual health. Let’s explore…

Improved Flexibility

Yoga allows you to hone your mental focus, rid your system of toxins, and maybe even boost your performance in the bedroom. Improved flexibility is a bonus from Yoga, and flexibility is a key ingredient when it comes to bedroom prowess. If you’ve ever looked at a Kama Sutra and thought that some of the positions seemed outlandishly difficult, you might think again once yoga improves your range of motion and flexibility.

Boost Stamina

It’s such a letdown to realize that you need to take a breather during sex because you simply don’t have the stamina to continue. Yoga techniques for building core stability and muscle control can increase stamina. You’ll be thrilled to realize how much longer you can keep up with the rigorous demands of a healthy love life after just a few Yoga sessions.

Focused Breathing

During yoga, you may practice alternate breathing, or bellow breathing. Meanwhile, you focus on clearing your mind while concentrating on nothing but your breathing. The sitting position or posture you assume during yoga allows for more oxygen-rich blood to flow from your lower torso, back, up to the heart and through to the brain. You’ll get a boost in energy and an improved state of mind that can focus better.

Brain Health

While we may often exercise our hearts and lungs by a variety of cardiovascular workouts, our brains remain dormant. Yoga and meditation is one way through which you can exercise your brain. Yet few people practice yoga to improve brain function. With yoga, you can effectively increase your mental fortitude, level off moods and even decrease hunger and addiction issues. Placing your hands on the ear lobes while you do your squats maybe all you need to see improvement quickly.

If a little motivation is necessary, a yoga health retreat, yoga holiday or any yoga vacation can be a perfect motivator. Yoga retreats are free of distractions allowing you ample time to finish yoga and meditation exercises.

Your First Move

Yoga may differ in intensity and purpose, but the included meditation refills your body with vibrant energy remains a shared element. You don’t need hours to master the techniques, it only takes a few minutes daily to revitalize and reenergize yourself. Lets try one easy technique so you can say you do yoga!

While alone on a padded surface, get into a comfortable position. Ececute a cross-legged (Indian style) position, in a cool, flowered setting where you can lie down is best. Close your eyes and bring awareness to your body. Listen to your breathing and begin to imagine your breath flowing in and out of your whole body. Your attention may begin to wander but fight the urge. Just focus fully on your breath.

With this simple yoga exercise, you’ll notice improved energy, life force and vitality. Your body will release stress, fatigue or negativity upon each exhaled breath.

Remain there inhaling and exhaling with a rhythm. Repeat the deep breathing ten times. Then self-evaluate determine if there is a difference in your vitality.









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