Hey Dude, Pursue Women Using These Three Rules

What do women really want in a relationship? According to dating coach Laurel Housewomen want to feel “safe, sexy, and seen.” It takes a special man to pursue a woman and connect with her in a meaningful level. Question is: Are you that man?

Here are some ways to create a meaningful connection:

1. Get emotional first…

During the first several dates she wants an emotional connection with you. Having meaningful conversations show that you’re truly interested in who she is as a person rather than just wanting to get her into bed. Find out if you have any shared interests and values for the best connections.

2. Use empathy, not judgment…

Women ant a partner who will listen to them without judgment and who will create an environment where they feel comfortable expressing vulnerability.

Non-empathic behaviors make her feel like she’s alone, that you don’t understand her, or that she can’t rely on you to help her overcome issues.

Some of the best relationship advice for men is learning to master the skill of empathy. There are many ways to be empathetic;  listening, suspending any judgment or preconceived notions you may have about a given situation and putting yourself in her shoes, and showing positive body language to let her know that you’re engaged in the conversation.

3. Prove that you’re the full package…

You need to prove that you’re the full package. Not only can she rely on you for emotional intimacy, but for physical intimacy as well. Holding doors, pulling out chairs, leaving her a card that she finds in the morning, telling her she’s beautiful, surprising her with a massage, and planning a date night are always to keep that romantic spark flaming.

Click here for some conversation ice breakers…

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