It’s Time to Take A “Bleisure” Vacation

We travel about 4.7 times per year on business. Sometimes those business trips take us to great travel destinations. If you have one coming up soon, make it a bleisure trip – an extended stay that combines business + leisure.

Whether it’s extending a work trip to India to see the Taj Mahal or arriving early to do a Bosphorus cruise in Istanbul, you should always build in extra time to acclimatize and see the sites.

And add a friend! You can even find ways to turn what could be a boring business trip into a memorable vacation for two.

Bleisure can even benefit business. Many say that they gain cultural experience and knowledge of the cities they were doing business in. They also said that adding leisure days to business trips added value to work assignments.

You can plan your flights to get a little extra time to explore a destination. Consider taking the first flight of the day or a redeye flight. These adjustments can give you an extra few hours to do some sightseeing. Since you don’t need an extra hotel night, there’s usually no incremental cost, and you still have some time for yourself. As a bonus, off-peak flights are usually cheaper so your boss will almost always green light it.

Most companies have an expense policy that allows employees a modest stipend for leisure activities on business trips (it’s usually something like $5-10 per day). This isn’t going to send you golfing or to have a grand time at Disneyworld, but you can use the credit to visit a museum or do something cultural. If you have this benefit, use it!

Frequent flyer and hotel points are a big benefit of travel, and you can use these rewards for personal use. Be sure to sign up for all the programs you can. You can never predict future business travel plans so rewards will pay off in the long run. Also, consolidating all your travel with a few providers can help you build status and earn additional perks.



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