Why You Won’t Lose Weight on a Gluten-Free Diet

The gluten-free market in the United States is estimated at $4.2 billion and rising. One study compared the costs of ordinary grocery products and found that the gluten-free versions were 242% pricier than gluten versions.

There are many companies trying to make a buck on the trend. But many claims about the diet are false-truths…especially when it comes to weight loss. Here’s why:

Most gluten-free products use corn to increase the texture and taste. This is a problem as corn turns to a carb and sugar in the body which negates all weight loss. Although carbohydrates in corn are converted into glucose more slowly than carbs from refined sugars, so they don’t create the same blood sugar spike and crash that can lead to cravings and overeating.

Gluten is not making you gain weight in the first place. In fact, gluten is found in many whole-grain foods that have an array of vitamins, minerals, and fiber and are vital to a healthy diet. People who eat three servings of whole grains a day are 30 percent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

Gluten-free foods aren’t better for your health. Don’t be fooled — gluten-free doesn’t mean “low calorie” or “healthy.” In fact, gluten-free foods are more expensive and full of extra calories and sugars to make up for taste and texture. Weight loss nixed.

Bottom Line: When you’re trying to lose weight, the key is to eat a certain calorie intake – not a certain food.

See our article on calorie intake and weight loss.

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