To Save Your Relationship: Play an Instrument

A number of studies exist which show that learning a new instrument can help lower blood pressure and provide long-lasting mental benefits. Some even claim a link between making music and staving off depression. In 2007, a study in Germany found that music therapy helped improve motor skills in patients recovering from strokes.

Other studies have found that music therapy can boost the immune system, improve mental focus, help control pain, create a feeling of well-being and reducing anxiety of patients awaiting surgery. And playing an instrument can improve your patience with others. The key is to treat each other in a way that feels safe, not making each want to run for cover. If someone does not exhibit the patience to understand their loved one’s perspective, their spouse is likely to shut down.

Sooooo what to play? Let help:

① First, determine what kind of music you like.

Someone who likes folk might be inclined to try the piano or acoustic guitar, while a rocker might like the drums. Whatever your tastes choose an instrument that you can use to play your favorites.

②  What are the limitations of your budget?

A piano is not only to purchase but expensive to maintain, while drums are inexpensive and require little maintenance. That’s why guitar is so popular – it is the perfect medium price to buy and maintain.

③  Determine ease-of-learning.

Playing the piano is easy, and not so easy. It really depends on how far you want to take it. Playing guitar requires a ‘break-in’ time for your fingers to callous, and can sometimes cramp hands, but you can play a favorite song in the least amount of time. Wind instruments can be very difficult to get notes right but have tremendous results when learned well.



S I M P L E.      E X P E R I E N C E S.      A F F O R D A B L E





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