5 Ways You Might Be Stupid at Work

1. You are always late.

I get it. You may have partied last night and then overslept. But did your boss get there on time? If so, you are late. Being late is unacceptable in a professional environment, and in some workplaces, it could be a good reason to fire your late ass. A good staffer is one with strong work ethics, and punctuality is number one on the list.

Solution: Set the time on your phone or watch 15 minutes early and forget about it.

2. You dress sloppy or inappropriately.

I respect a laid back attitude, but some have a much more laid back attitude than is appropriate. Work ethics require appropriate outfits – including shoes!

Solution: If you’re wearing something you’d wear to your best friend’s house, or to a party, don’t wear it to work. Just don’t.

3. You’re the complainer.

Believe it or not, no one wants to work. Most would rather be yachting. Others at your office are working because they have to and you aren’t helping by complaining about the office, your position, or the boss.

Solution: Popoff to your friends after hours – your workmates don’t want to hear it.

4. You don’t know who is boss.

OK so maybe you think you are in charge of the whole company, but you aren’t. Don;t give off a sense of fake superiority and entitlement. It will cause others to resent and disrespect you. If you’re new in the workplace, you may have some great ideas to bring in, but that doesn’t mean you start acting like a know-it-all. Accept the fact that you’re in a new place and still learning “how things roll” in the place. Once you’ve earned your rightful title and respect, then maybe you could try and influence the way things are run.

Solution: Take a step back and figure out who you report to and what are their goals. Help them achieve these goals and you will move up, rather than down.

5. You think you are still at school.

A workplace may feel a lot like a school in many ways (attending class on time, tolerating tough profs, and the pressure to do your projects on time). Except school is simply a training ground, and the workplace is reality. There are rewards and there are punishments that could impact your entire career.

Solution: Try not to get too comfortable in the workplace and forget the big picture. You are here to work, act professional, and build a meaningful career.


Reference: James Thompson






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